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Shine Your Light By Ohimai Musa

Life Lessons From The Live Of Joseph By Deacon Essan

When The Enemy Is Against Your Greatness By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Sunday Sermon and October Thanksgiving Celebration with guest artiste Eben.

Sunday Sermon and October Thanksgiving Celebration with guest artiste Eben.

Ways to overcome problems By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Faithfulness In Trial By Ohimai Musa

Living A Good Life And A Life Full Of Purpose By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Do Not Manage Your God By Femi Awodeyi

Overcoming Challenges Of Life By Pastor Femi Adetona

A Living Stone for God's House By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Thanks Giving, It is time for us to rejoice By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

The Power Of A New Beginning By Pastor Rotimi Lawal

When Men thought it is finished for you, that is where GOD would start his own. But for GOD to do a new thing, He expects our perception to change.
Please watch this anointing sermon and be blessed.

Jesus Is The Truth By Pastor Femi Adetona

In Life, you have to make choice between God's truth and devil's lie. But we must be wise never to chose or agree with devil's lie.
We cannot change the truth, but the truth can change us.
Christ is truth personified. If we resist the truth, we resist salvation.

The Impact Of Power By Ohimai Musa

Knock, It Shall Open By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Celebrating And Supporting Christian Fathers In Their Roles By Pastor Charles Egbuedo

Pastor E.A Adeboye Dedication Sermon @Lords Cedar Brampton Ontario 12 June 2022

Pastor E.A Adeboye dedicated our new church auditorium today June 12 2022
It was indeed a great moment and we return all glory back to God.
RCCG Lords Cedar Parish Brampton Ontario Canada (Church Dedication)

Beautiful Gate By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

GOD makes all things beautiful at the right time, but the gate of our hearts must be opened unlimited to receive !
In this season, make sure you don't limit GOD for your expectations. GOD can bless you according to the size of the Gate of your heart.

Who Are You ?. : By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Message Title: Who are you ?
Preacher: Pastor Hannah Egbuedo
Anchor Text: Issiah 6. 1-8

There is no room for lukewarmness in Serving Christ. Chose where you stand.
May you be blessed as you watch this prayer filled sermon, to discover and reflect on who you are.


What is Your God Given Dream - Dream Killers By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

No Situation is Hopeless With God By Pastor Femi Adetona

A New Season Of Excitement By Pastor Kunle Aina

On the 3rd day of "Season of Change", Pastor Kunle Aina, taught us about how to enter our season of excitement and the things we need to do to as children of GOD. Obedience is key to entering and enjoying our Season of Excitement.

The Chain Breaker By: Pastor Kunle Aina

On the Second day of "Wind of Change" program, we look at the various type of Chains that the enemy uses upon his target. We also established that GOD is the only Chain Breaker.

What Do You See ?. By: Femi Awodeyi

Nothing Happen by chance.....
What you see determines how far you go in the kingdom of God...
How you see is much more important than what you see...
We need to develop the habit to live by God's word rather than living by ordinary sight.

What is your God Given Dream ? By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

If GOD is the source of your dream, He would provide all the resources needed to fulfil that dream.

Do You Know Him ? By Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

Thanksgiving By Pastor Charles Egbuedo

On this first Sunday of April, we look at how giving thanks can benefit the children of GOD.
When you give thanks, you enjoy an increase.

Divine Encounter By Pastor Toyin

Word of God, full of prayer points.
Pastor Toyin breaks down how Jesus disciples encountered power while traveling with Jesus on the sea.

The Power of Unity by: Ohimai Musa

The Power of Unity by: Ohimai Musa

Betrayal And Recovery By: Pastor Hannah Egbuedo

This message teaches how to forgive all that plotted betrayal against us and how to leave the battle for GOD.

For our own sake, we have to forgive all that have betrayed us and by doing so, we shall experience GOD in a different and positive way.

Don't Give Up. By: Pastor Olugbenga Adebayo

This is a Power Must Change Hands Service.
Packed with prayers and word of God.
May you be blessed as you listen. Amen

Running the Race of Life. By: Pastor Femi Adetona

How To Deal With Unnecessary Noise

The fruit of the Spirit - Self Control

The God That Sees

Power Must Change Hands

There is Power in Our Words

Gratitude By Ohimai Musa